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Forth Childrens Theatre This link opens in a new window presents:

Animal Farm

10 to 18 August 2001, as part of the 2001 Edinburgh Festival Fringe This link opens in a new window.

Inverleith Church Hall

Animal Farm

For this event I fulfilled the role of Lighting DesignerResponsible for the design of the Lighting system, creating all paperwork including Plans, Cue Sheets, etc. Works closely with the Chief Electrician to ensure the planned system is implemented in good faith to the design. Sometimes this role is combined with that of Chief Electrician..

Lighting Hire (page 1) 
Lighting Hire (page 2) 
Lighting Hire (page 3) 
Lighting Plan 
Scroller Colours 
Publicity & General Information
Programme (page 1) 
Programme (page 10/11) 
Programme (page 12/13) 
Programme (page 14/15) 
Programme (page 16) 
Programme (page 2/3) 
Programme (page 4/5) 
Programme (page 6/7) 
Programme (page 8/9) 
Stage Management
Drawing of proposed Set