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Mike Hume’s Technical Theatre Website

Here you’ll find a portfolio of all my technical theatre work along with a library of venue data and general technical theatre infomation.

Historic Theatre Photography & Preservation Historic Theatre Photography & Preservation
Here you can check out my new website of Historic Theatre Photography & Preservation, gathering together photographs and information from the various theatres and movie palaces I’ve been lucky enough to have worked-in and/or visited.

Technical Theatre Reference Technical Theatre Reference
Check out the Technical Theatre Reference section with information such as UK historic and modern lighting equipment color frame sizes, gobos and global standards for connector pinouts.

Venue Information Venue Information
Venue Information, about a host of venues I’ve worked in, is available here. You’ll find detailed plans, photos and technical information.

Events Archive
This archive contains a portfolio of entertainment events I have been involved with over the years. The information ranges from technical data (plans, equipment schedules and invoices) to publicity, venue, marketing, and performer information. You’ll find more interesting information in the more recent events, especially photos.

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If you want you can drop me an email at mike @ mikehume.com.