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The Old Athenaeum

Address: 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ (Click here for Map) This link opens in a new window

Status: Repurposed

The Old Athenaeum was vacated by Scottish Youth Theatre in 1998; the building was subsequently sold.
The building lay dormant until it was sold to a property developer in 2005.
As of 2013 the theatre space was converted to retail use and currently functions as a Hard Rock CafĂ© Link opens in new window.
Historical Information Sheet 
Scottish Youth Theatre Old Athenaeum Brochure 
Stage Management
Technical Information Sheet 


Photos courtesy of the Canmore Archive on the Old Athenaeum Link opens in new window where noted.

All other photos courtesy of Scottish Cinemas Link opens in new window.


Low-resolution plans of the Old Athenaeum are shown here for illustrative purposes only. Links to specific images are included in the images below.

For the full resolution images please visit the Canmore Archive on the Old Athenaeum Link opens in new window.

Events at this Venue Jesus, My Boy Jesus, My Boy (December 1997)

Two Weeks With The Queen Two Weeks With The Queen (May 1997)

The Grave of Every Hope The Grave of Every Hope (September 1992)

 Mac An t-Stronaich (February 1992)

The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickleby The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickleby (August 1991)